A new Google Glass-based application is changing the way conference organisers approach live events by allowing greater audience participation and instant feedback, explains developer Peter Komornik, CEO of sli.do.

Source: www.internationalmeetingsreview.com

What is your company’s background or experience in the meetings and events sector? What services, products or technology do you currently provide clients?

Peter Komornik: The beginnings of sli.do date back to 2012 when we were working on a project that sought to improve teaching methods in Slovakia. Realising that lecturers firstly need to know both what they do well and where they fall behind, the idea that naturally emerged was to come up with an effective technical tool to obtain instant feedback from students. 

After winning two start-up competitions in Bratislava and Vienna, sli.do quickly began to gain traction and we started focusing on conference organisers who require instant feedback from their audiences. Listening carefully to observations from our first clients, we implemented new features and elevated sli.do to the audience interaction platform that transforms live events by giving a voice to the audiences. sli.do now democratises Q&A sessions by allowing everyone to ask questions and vote for the ones they consider the most relevant. 

Since our foundation in 2012, we’ve helped transform over 700 events and have been used by high-profile companies such as Google, KPMG, SAP, IDC, Oracle and Fleming in over 50 countries all over the world. 

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