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GlassUp eyeglasses display emails, text messages, directions, heartbeats, translations, or any other info selected by the relevant apps on your smartphone.

augmented world‘s insight:

Comparison with Google Glass and other competitors

Compared to Google Glass, our eyeglasses are more focused on SHOWING information, in a very utilitarian approach. 

GlassUp is "receive only". No photos or videos involved, no privacy issues.The projection is Monochrome (currently green, but we may switch to amber).Longer battery lifeGlassUp projects the information close to the center of vision, with less strain to the eye of the wearer

The latter is very important: leveraging the experience of our  team member Gianluigi, who had developed optical systems for airplane pilots’ helmets, we knew from the start that the information had to appear almost in the center of the field of view, vs forcing you to look laterally. This is the main issue we worked on, and only when we found the technical solution we went on with the project. 

A good metaphor is that with Google Glass it’s like seeing something in the rear-view mirror of a car, whereas with GlassUp it’s like seeing it on the windscreen.

Last but not least: Google chose a very distinctive look for their product, our GlassUp will look like a normal pair of eyeglasses.

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