Sony Is Launching a Location-Based Ghostbusters Training Experience in Augmented Reality

We’ve got almost a full year until the next installment of Ghostbusters arrives, but in the meantime, it turns out that Sony is about to launch an augmented reality experience that will let fans use immersive computing to combat the franchise’s whimsical apparitions. Starting this Saturday, fans who can make it to Tokyo, Japan will be able to play “Ghostbusters Rookie Training” using head-mounted AR devices....

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Accenture : Che cosa devono fare le aziende con l’XR (realtà virtuale + aumentata)

La multinazionale americana della consulenza (in collaboraz. con G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance) ha analizzato l’impatto economico e sociale dell’Extended Reality. Emerge che aumenterà il valore dei lavoratori e la loro produttività. In media, il 21% dell’orario di lavoro potrebbe potenzialmente essere incrementato dall’uso di Xr, raggiungendo oltre il 30% nell’ambito dei servizi sanitari e sociali, nella produzione e nell’edilizia....

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Apple Brings Augmented Reality Outdoors with New Public Art Initiative

Teaming up with the New Museum and six leading visual artists. 1 of 6 APPLE 2 of 6 APPLE 3 of 6 APPLE 4 of 6 APPLE 5 of 6 APPLE 6 of 6 Apple’s customer community program, Today at Apple, is launching a new public art initiative entitled [AR]T. The creative effort aims to expand the capabilities of augmented reality using AR tools found within the tech giant’s devices (ex: iPod Touch). The company teamed up New York City’s New Museum...

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FORM’s Premium Goggles Introduce AR To The Swimming Pool

Since the introduction of devices such as the Fitbit back in 2009 and the Apple Watch in 2014, the smart wearables market has gone from fantasy to reality, offering consumers a brand new, more convenient method for connecting with their digital lives. In 2019, a majority of smartphone users find themselves utilizing some form of wearable technology, such as bluetooth headsets and smartwatches. Sport and fitness, in particular, have...

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Augmented Reality (AR) In Healthcare Market – Forecasts from 2019 to 2024

AR in the healthcare market is witnessing a big boost with a high expected CAGR of 33.36% and market value expected to rise from US$621.727 million in 2018 to US$3,497.315 million in 2024 Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are gaining significant traction among healthcare experts owing to their numerous applications that range from assessment of surgical preparation to minimally invasive surgery and...

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