Apple inventa un sistema per evitare il “burn-in” negli AR glasses ed “Headset”

Qualche giorno fa l’ufficio brevetti e marchi degli Stati Uniti ha pubblicato una domanda di brevetto di Apple che si riferisce a una funzionalità progettata principalmente per “AR glasses” ed “Headset” che eviterà il cosidetto “burn-in” del display.                       (Image credit: Martin Hajek/iDropNews) Il burn-in è quell’effetto che, a seguito della visualizzazione...

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Augmented Reality Solution Supports Surgical Trauma Care

A set of smart surgical glasses with functionality based on augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) technologies brings a higher level of support to surgical trauma cases. The Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology Co. (Surglasses; Taichung, Taiwan) Foresee-X is a set of smart AR surgical glasses is designed to enhance intra-operative fluoroscopy image synchronization, primarily during orthopedic trauma procedures. Features...

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CES 2020: Samsung Teases Prototype AR Glasses

Are augmented reality personal trainers the future of at-home exercise?  Samsung is kicked-off the first day of CES 2020 with a bang this morning, offering attendees an in-depth look at a variety of cutting-edge products straight out of a science fiction novel, including a BB8-style robot assistant, as well as new improvements to their proprietary voice assistant, Bixby. Among the many products developed as part of its “Age of...

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Minority report style interfaces just took a step closer to reality

Minority Report has a lot to answer for, not least the stimulus given to a million articles like this about the future of the human-machine interface. Controlling internet-connected devices with gesture and voice is widely seen as the future but nothing has come close to the slick air interface imagined in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 movie. Google hasn’t cracked it either – but it’s got something that has potential and it’s already inside...

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Sony Is Launching a Location-Based Ghostbusters Training Experience in Augmented Reality

We’ve got almost a full year until the next installment of Ghostbusters arrives, but in the meantime, it turns out that Sony is about to launch an augmented reality experience that will let fans use immersive computing to combat the franchise’s whimsical apparitions. Starting this Saturday, fans who can make it to Tokyo, Japan will be able to play “Ghostbusters Rookie Training” using head-mounted AR devices....

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