The major player in the augmented reality headset market is Google, with its head worn Google Glass gadget, but it looks like Lenovo is making a play for a piece of the market.


As part of an attempt to attract hardware manufacturers, Lenovo has shown off a prototype of its smart glasses.

From the off, it’s very apparent that Lenovo’s headset is looking very similar to Google Glass, but the wearer has to carry the headset’s battery pack around their necks. 

However, this is only a prototype as Lenovo is currently looking to find a hardware partner and for ways to attract developers to a new partner program for its AR headset. That means the design should change before general launch.

Lenovo’s plan is to team up with technology companies or even invest in them, so Lenovo can extend its reach beyond PCs, smartphones and the other products it already offers.

 Sadly, Lenovo wouldn’t give any information on the specs or features of it smart glasses. The company did promise that it would have more information for us in October though. 

Lenovo could confirm that it is partnering with US company Vuzix to introduce the latter’s own smart glasses, the M100, to the Chinese market. 

The Vuzix M100 runs on a 1GHz dual-core processor with Android 4.0.4 and will be first offered to developers, similar to what Google is doing with the Google Glass Explorer programme. 

Although it’s been around a year since the Glass Explorer programme launched, there’s still no confirmed consumer release date for the AR headset.

You can now buy one in the UK even if you’re not a developer, but you’ll need to be pretty enthusiastic as it’ll set you back £1,000 in its pre-release state

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