Heads-up displays with GPS and other refinements which alert drivers to objects in proximity to their vehicle, like the technology featured in the 2011 action film Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, may no longer be the stuff of movies only.


Source: jamaica-gleaner.com


In the science fiction/action Terminator movie series a cyborg can look at a human and instantly access a dossier on them. Augmented Reality (AR) will function a similar way for drivers. 

Like the vehicle featured in Ghost Protocol, which stars Tom Cruise, BMW has already implemented a windscreen display in some of their newer models. It is able to identify objects in front of a vehicle and tell the driver how far they are from that object.

The technology works by overlaying information on what the driver is able to see. If a motorist is approaching another vehicle from behind too quickly, a red box will appear on the display of the car ahead and arrows will appear instructing the driver to manoeuvre into the next lane in order to avoid collision.

BMW is not the only automaker using this idea. Toyota has produced working concepts of their AR system which allow passengers to zoom in on objects outside the car, select and identify objects, as well as view items far from the vehicle, using a touch-screen window.

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