I RAGGI  T sono onde millimetriche a bassa energia dello spettro elettromagnetico, che si collocano tra le microonde e frequenze infrarosse,ed essendo ad energia piu bassa dei raggi X ,sono meno invasivi nel danneggiare tessuti viventi.

Con la Tecnologia di spettrometria THz scopriremo a disanza e con maggior dettaglio la presenza di molte molecole inquinanti batteri ed altri veleni nell’ area che respiriamo . Paolo Manzelli

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Source: invirtual01.tumblr.com

The new sensor is remarkable for its ability to detect the terahertz radiation spectrum (aka T-rays) at room temperature. This unique part of the light spectrum can be tuned to see through surfaces—anything from concrete to human skin. Historically, scientists haven’t been able to make use of T-rays, though because the sensors needed to be kept at extremely low temperatures to work. But the Maryland team found a way to make a room temperature sensor with graphene.


Immediate applications of this technology will almost definitely involve the military. Just imagine how useful goggles that see through walls would be in a war zone. The sensors could also let us use T-rays instead of harmful X-rays for medical applications. The idea that consumers could get ahold of these sensors is dubious from a privacy perspective, not to mention graphene is still so wildly expensive. 

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