Augmented reality (AR) pioneer Seebright, Inc. ( has unveiled the Seebright Wave(TM) HMD (head-mounted display) system at the Consumer Electronics Show with a unique optical design supporting a new generation of mixed media applications on iOS and Android smartphones. The Seebright Wave system will be coming to Kickstarter with its companion 9-axis, 3D visually tracked motion controller, a native navigator for consumers to explore applications, the Seebright application suite and software sharing platform. Developers will be able to create completely new visual experiences borrowing from AR and VR (virtual reality) for casual gamers and consumers.



“Our breakthrough multi-mirror optics deliver a stunning, high quality visual overlay for 3D stereoscopic smartphone driven projection,” said Dirk Kanngiesser, Seebright CEO. “With the Seebright Wave HMD system, users can see one another and the real world while experiencing a new generation of mobile AR and VR games and applications.”


Seebright is exhibiting in Eureka Park on the second level of the Sands Expo Center in booth 75480 at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show January 6th-9th and then at the Upload World Tour Kickoff in San Francisco on January 16th. Press and business inquiries will be promptly answered at info(AT) by email.


“We have figured out how to turn your smartphone into a true see-through augmented reality display with the widest field-of-view of any see-through display out there and we will deliver it on Kickstarter with our motion controller for less than $150,” said John Murray, Seebright Co-Founder and CTO.


“The Seebright Wave HMD system is a significant refinement of prior designs and uses a revolutionary curved multi-mirror optical design resulting in low optical distortion. It projects high resolution images from a smartphone for both high quality AR and VR experiences.”


“Seebright is introducing a unique combination of advanced optics, specialized software and open standards support that demonstrate our holistic approach to solving the technology and adoption challenges that have faced augmented reality,” said Dr. Robert A. Young, who joins the Board of Directors of Seebright having recently served as the CEO of Tessera Technologies and had previously served on the Board of Directors of ATI Technologies and SanDisk.


At CES, Seebright is showing new software experiences built using the Seebright SDK with WebGL and Unity3D to demonstrate an easy, smartphone agnostic, cross-platform development environment. To encourage diversity in initial application development, Seebright will operate a cloud portal for developers to share code, assets and applications.


The Seebright Wave HMD system is coming to Kickstarter in February 2015. With its Kickstarter campaign, Seebright will fund the production of the multi-mirror HMD and the 9-axis motion controller for developers and pioneering users.

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