Most architects would acknowledge that the road from vision to reality is a long one, and this journey is one that Sydney architecture firm LAVA hopes to explore in a new exhibition at the Architektur Galerie in Munich.


Taking place from 20 January to 14 February 2015, ‘VISIONAREALITY’ is aimed at giving visitors an opportunity to experience LAVA’s vision for the world of the future, a vision where man, nature and technology merge.


The buildings featured are in varied stages of construction, and range from small-scale innovations in Australia, to façade prototypes for high-rises in China, and a new generation of hostels in Germany.


The main exhibition room is wallpapered with inverted white patterns that emanate from project that have been built or are under construction. Technical drawings and diagrams of these buildings, which include Sydney’s own Martian writing centre and the Greenland Display Suite, illustrate LAVA’s parametric, ‘pattern to details’ design process.


Besides insights into individual projects, the display will also showcase the effects of LAVA’s parametric design process which forms a central part in the implementation of its ideas. A sound installation featuring the sounds at offices and construction sites reflects the spatial arrangements.

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