Magic Leap, the augmented reality company, is making news ever since Google invested in it. Last month, Rachel Metz, a senior editor for mobile at MIT Technology Review, tested out one of the AR systems of the company and shared about the AR product in a blog post. After this reveal, Magic Leap CEO, Rony Abovitz, was supposed to talk about their mysterious product at the TED. However, that was cancelled for unknown reasons. Now, the company has released a video that was planned to be shown at the talk. The video shows what the Magic Leap team is playing in the office right now.



Augmented Reality Shooter Game


The game shown in the video has the branding of Dr. Grordbort, a line of comics, guns and other products. An artist at the Weta Workshop created Dr. Grordbort.


The workshop is a partner of the AR company. The video also has Weta’s branding. The game is actually a robot-shooting AR game, where real decorative guns transform into virtual weapons and the physical world is filled with virtual enemies.


The video also shows the interface of Magic Leap, which is full of floating Gmail icons and YouTube video. There is even a virtual carousel which contains software.

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