With ManiMatch, there’s no need to upload a photo or take a picture, though the app’s augmented reality approach does use your phone’s camera. Launch the app and put your hand in front of the camera and it start scanning to determine your skin tone in order to provide color recommendations. Choose one, and the app paints the color right onto your nails… that is, your nails on the screen.

“Everyone of course has different undertones and contrasts with the colors, so it’s important to be able to try it on,” Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen’s global color ambassador and trend expert, said. “You might try on a shirt. It looks amazing on a rack, but when you try it on, it washes you out, or it doesn’t bring out the color of your eyes or your hair or whatever, so it’s the same kind of concept.”

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If you want to go against the grain, you can forgo the app’s suggestions and instead peruse through more than 200 shades. You also have the option to browse the shades based on the Sally


Hansen’s product lines, like gel and fast-drying polishes. Once you’ve chosen a color, you can purchase the product directly in the app.

You can also experiment with shades at the store. Scan the nail-polish barcode, and see the shade come to life on your phone. The app is iPhone only for now but the company says an Android version is scheduled to roll out in the next few months.


The company has plans to continue marketing this new digital space with new shades, content and add-ons. One upcoming feature is the ability to try on nail art. Poole said she’d create designs that will be uploaded to the app and allow users to try them on.

For those with a steady hand, you will also be able to watch nail art tutorial videos so you can DIY at home.

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