Creating augmented worlds could be a job of the future (Source: Getty)

It’s not just the suit, nine-to-five and office cubicle which are increasingly becoming things of the past – jobs are likely to take a serious technological twist over the next decade, according to millennials.

Becoming a designer of 3D printed objects or augmented reality experiences like Pokemon Go will be career options of the future, according to more than half of the generation surveyed by Visa Europe, setting us on the track to a potential Westworld-style future.

Data scientist and professional blogger or vlogger were also predicted to be common options by 2026, as those aged 18 to 34 signalled a work-life balance was more important than salary, as was choosing to spend their lives doing something they are passionate about.

Two in five of the thousand people surveyed also think working with digital money and digital currencies and becoming a manager in the gig economy will be career options in future.

And with the never-ending pursuit of personal betterment and productivity (thanks Marie Kondo), 42 per cent said they could become a lifestyle auditor of efficiency consultant.

While the rise of technology has spurred dire warnings of the loss of jobs from increased automation, millennials are ready to adapt, with more than half saying they expect to pursue at least two careers in their life time. Meanwhile, more than a third said there were just too many interesting jobs being created to stick with just one career.

“Technological innovation and societal acceptance of unchartered new careers is fuelling revolutionary changes in the workforce,” said Visa UK and Ireland managing director Kevin Jenkins.

“Technology is creating a host of new industries, which need new job roles to make them sustainable. We now see professional gamers compete for million dollar prize pots while their competitions are streamed to hundreds of thousands of online viewers, or even YouTube stars that are as popular as Hollywood actors.”

13 millennial jobs of the future

3D print designer
Data scientist
Augmented reality architect
Professional blogger or vlogger
Agriculture futurist
Driverless car experience designer
Cryptocurrency banker or regulator
Transport designer
Lifestyle auditor or efficiency consultant
Gig economy manager
E-sports player
3D food chef
Extinction revivalist (reviving extinct animals)

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