Here’s two people playing AR ping pong on a table that doesn’t exist. Powered by ZED Mini and HTC Vive

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Move away real-life ping pong games – a table and racket is hardly needed anymore to smash those scoreboards.

Developed by Stereolab’s’ ZED Mini and HTC vive, an augmented reality game of table tennis has the internet amazed, and gearing up for a future.

ZED Mini is the world’s first camera mixed-reality camera that uses virtual and augmented reality together. Virtual reality is a totally artificial world created through computer graphics which the user navigates and interacts with like in the real world.

Augmented reality, however, is a scenario like this one, where players can see the virtual table, rackets and balls, but also the real-world room they’re in. And HTC Vive is a headset which, “pulls virtual worlds off your computer screen and into your home”.